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Strategic Business & Economic Consulting

We help our clients attain productivity by designing and managing creative, collaborative strategic planning processes.

Building on this foundation, we assist our clients in defining business objectives, actions and timetables, tied to financial projections and budgets.

We engage in conducting economic and business analyses, conducting feasibility studies as well as preparing business plans.

The result is a business strategy founded upon clarity of business purposes, well-understood values, and a compelling vision for the future coupled with goals that the client owns and is ready to implement.

Market Research

Market research and surveys are only as good as the premise they are operating on.

We work with our clients closely to form, and to keep, the right research path that will get the data needed for successful marketing or strategy decisions.

We do the necessary upfront work, gather the required data and analyze it in order to understand, how to best help our clients spot opportunities as well as obstacles in their marketing and business development activities.

Marketing plans are a key element of any organization’s business strategy. We provide both marketing plan outlines and in-depth marketing planning which includes the sequence of steps against time and budget to exactly execute the plan.

IT Innovation & Customer Relationship Management

Innovation is a key concept in moving into the knowledge-based economy. We aim to be a leading authority on disruptive innovation. We devise growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, and create products and services that benefit people’s lives.

Customers’ satisfaction, improved profitability and reduced costs are some of the benefits that organizations are realizing by implementing innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

In order to obtain these goals and provide the suitable solution, we review the current sales and marketing technological ecosystem, analyze customer segments, identify customer purchasing patterns, analyze resource prioritization and workflows.

DS Consulting’s IT innovation consulting services help businesses make and implement pragmatic decisions that increase the business value while improving their service delivery capabilities.


Today, more than ever companies grapple with attaining efficiency which insures profitable growth, strategically managing costs and intelligently navigating risks.

Such challenges require more than identifying new possibilities and making tough choices it requires bridging the gap between vision and execution.

DS Consulting engages in design of roles and responsibilities, process mapping and improvement, knowledge management, optimize configuration of activities and formulating key performing indicators (KPIs).

We enable companies to improve performance and profitability. We work with clients to achieve efficiency, speed and flexibility by aligning business goals with operational strategy.

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