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Project Description

Upon acquiring more than a million paying users globally, the company has decided to conduct a market feasibility study in order to assess the possible entry into the B2B market. The main objective of this study was to evaluate whether there is potential demand for Whitesmoke’s products in the B2B market and what would be the relevant business strategy in these markets.

Upon initiating this feasibility study and after many internal discussions with the company’s management, it was concluded that based upon a wide variety of macro-conomic indicators the feasibility study should be geared towards the B2B markets in the Far East.​ During this project, DS Consulting conducted a three month analysis which included an in-depth aquaintance with the company’s products, marketing strategy, customer service and sales and marketing technology.

This was followed by an economic and commercial analysis of the leading economies in the Far East such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong Taiwan and others. This analysis included a review of the macro economic expansion of these countries,the educational reforms regarding the perception and the importanceof English as a key factor in expanding the growth of these economies as well as assessing the level of usage of English in the private and public sectors.

During this project, DS Consulting also conducted in-depth interviews with a wide variety of senior decision makers in these countries. These interviews mainly focused on what are the current needs of the private and public sector regarding the usage of English, what are the technological and non-technological solutions which are currently being used as well as inquiring whether there is a potential demand for new technological solutions.

Upon the completion of this market feasibility study its final conclusions were submitted to the company’s management and its board for further discussions.