The Elite Sports Center

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Project Description

The Elite Sports Center is one of the largest sport complexes in Israel which includes a wide range of fitness and recreational facilities serving 10,000 members and employing 450 employees.

During the last few years, the company has reached a financial turning point which resulted in financial losses. As result, the owners decided to replace the board of directors with new members of the board of which 50% were from the private business sector. The owners also appointed a new chairman of the board who is the managing partner of one of Israel’s largest accounting firms in Israel.

Upon the entry of the new members of the board, it has set forth a few strategic goals aimed to be achieved during the next three years:

Conducting a financial turnaround aimed at returning the company from a loss to profit by increasing revenues and trimming costs.
Increasing productivity, efficiency of all marketing-sales-operation activities by introducing advanced technologies such as ERP-CRM, Business Intelligence etc.
Investing in long term infrastructure and constantly improving the standards of service.

In 2014, I was asked to serve as an advisor to the chairman of the board working in line with CEO. The scope of this position included:

  • Leading a strategic cross-company I.T project (along with the company’s CEO) introducing a new ERP-CRM system(by Priority) with 10 modules which replaced four separate computer systems using four separate data bases
  • Introducing a cutting edge business intelligent software based upon Microsoft’s Power BI which enables various units of the sport center to conduct real time macro and micro financial and marketing analyses
  • Launching a corporate help desk system (by Sysaid) as well as devising its SLA policy and the usage of KPIs (Key Performance Indexes) in order to manage and prioritize all operation service tags by the various units in the sport center
  • Introducing a web based facilities management system which enables to manage all the activities taking place in more than a dozen facilities as well as reserving these facilities on-line

The introduction of these technology systems combined with SLA policies and the introduction of new work procedures has enabled the board to achieve its strategic goals of obtaining higher levels of productivity as well as efficiency.

This in turn, contributed to the strategic task of turning the company from a financial loss to profit.