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Project Description

The Economic Company of the Tel -Aviv University is a subsidiary founded in 2012 whose objectives and goals are to initiate and execute a wide range of profitable commercial activities. These include renting the University’s halls and classes to firms and institutional organizations, offering on-line courses to the general public, hosting events on the Tel-Aviv campus, selling university merchandise etc.

DS Consulting was entrusted with two tasks: the first was drafting a White Paper relating the company’s goals and objectives, describing the company’s future activities and submitting a forecast for the year 2013 in accordance with the company’s management view. The White Paper was delivered to the Board of Trustees of the University which approved it.

The second task was preparing a business plan to evaluate launching a real estate activity in which halls and classes would be rented out (during semester breaks and in the summer) to companies and institutions . The business plan touched on the following topics: describing the business opportunity, conducting a risk assessment, defining the relevant target market, issuing a competitive analysis, evaluating and recommending the suitable marketing and sales strategy, presenting a pricing policy and submitting a forecast for the next years as part of the overall budget.

The business plan was submitted for further discussions to the board of the company and the executive management of the University.