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Project Description

With its cutting edge products, Seonsotrade’s chief objective was and still is to reach out to hedge fund management firms in order to establish with them joint hedge funds utilizing Sensotrade’s line of products as the trading platform. Accordingly, Sensotrade was in need of devising a strategic marketing and business development plan.

​​Consequently, DS Consulting was entrusted with drafting a marketing and business development strategy for Sensotrade.The plan was to address topics such as market research and analysis regarding the relevant target markets, the size of the markets, their characteristics as well as conducting an analysis of the current technological solutions in the market.
​Furthermore, DS Consulting was also entrusted with drafting the marketing and business development strategy for Sensotrade. Accordingly, DS Consulting engaged topics such as the company’s strategic positioning, evaluating the competitive advantage of its products, drafting the products’ marketing strategy, establishing the pricing model as well as identifying potential customers and reaching out to them.

​Following a two month period, Sensotrade is now engaged in a POC (Proof of Concept) with one hedge fund and is in the process of bringing on board new customers.