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Project Description

One of Ramot’s leading activities is in the field of transferring technological educational knowledge. Ramot along with the Science and Technology Education Center (which is part of the Education Faculty at the Tel-Aviv University) have established a joint venture which publishes the national curriculum “Science in a Technological Society” that is used in elementary schools in Israel. The curriculum is based upon the academic research and development activity which takes place in the Science and Technology
Education center and the Faculty of Education.

This joint venture has now been implemented in a majority of the elementary schools in Israel. Alongside this, technological innovation has contributed to an on going process changing the way children learn. Slowly but surely digital books are beginning to replace ordinary textbooks.

Consequently, the board of Ramot decided to conduct a strategic research analysis regarding the future trends of the digital age in the education systemand its implications on the publishing activity of Ramot.

Consequently,DS Consulting was asked to conduct a market analysis regarding the future activity of the textbook market,the nature and scope of the digital changes and their potential influence of these changes in the education sector and on the publishing market.

In this project, DS Consulting conducted an in-depth market research regarding​ these issues, interviewed many senior figures in the Ministry of Education ,in the education technology sector and in the academia in order to assess possible changes and their affect on the educational publishing market.

​The conclusions of the analysis have been submitted to the board of Ramot and to the management of the university.