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Project Description

After 5 years during which the chain was fully operated by Office Depot, the owners The Tel-Aviv University and the students Union have mutually decided to conduct a business-economic-marketing analysis of the new franchised model in order to evaluate its long term validity and sustainability.

During this project, DS Consulting conducted a thorough analysis of the annual revenues, pricing methodology, marketing and advertising activity along with web-based commercial activity. Other aspects included in the project were a SWOT analysis of the chain, evaluating the increasing competitiveness in the marketplace and its implications as well as evaluating the impact of the technological changes on the future of books and stationery.

Following a four-month period of analysis DS Consulting provided an in-depth prognosis of the existing business model and provided a wide spectrum of recommendations regarding Dyonon’s activity and growth opportunities.

Following these recommendations, the owners adopted the new business model which was based upon the Barnes&Noble College
Resellers model operated in more than 650 universities in the U.S which offers a wide range of products to the students’ community.

​Consequently, during the summer of 2012, a new tender was issued. In November 2012, the owners decided after a due long process to hand the franchise to BUG which is one of Israel’s leading computer and media retail chain.

The new store was opened in February 2013.