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Project Description

The ICPAS is the professional organization of the Israeli accountants encompassing 14,000 members.

The chamber offers a wide range of activities to its members from engaging with professional topics such as new binding accounting standards, engaging with various government regulators, conducting  professional seminars, conferences and courses and many other professional services.

Up until 2018,the chamber was using an outdated I.T infrastructure such as Magic software, a website from the beginning of the 21st century and other on-premise software.

From January 2016, DS Consulting was chosen to serve as the project manager of an ambitious plan aimed to replace all of the I.T infrastructure with a Dynamics CRM  system, an interactive WordPress website, a cloud based SharePoint documents management system and moving all on premise infrastructure to Microsoft office 365 .

The project also included the following stages: planning and writing the specification, conducting an RFP, negotiating an agreement with the integrator, recruiting a team of copywriter and a manager (in charge for all the written content), managing all the development process on behalf of  the chamber and managing all the Q&A checkups.

During the project DS Consulting was responsible for managing a team of 12 developers, designers, copywriter and a site manager.

In March 2018 the first modules of the CRM systems were introduced along with the new Website. In May 2018, the new SharePoint system was introduced and all the On premise infrastructure was migrated to the Microsoft’s cloud.

The project’s end date is 2018.